Francis Cornejo Volleyball Camp 2013

Train  volleyball with us all year long !

Who Needs Volleyball training ?

Beginners!  Are you a beginner in the volleyball realm? Do you to work on certain skills in passing, serving, setting and hitting so you can be part of your school team or a volleyball club team?  We can help you understand the proper playing techniques and how to minimize injury from the beginning.  This will build consistency and get you on the right path to a successful volleyball experience.  

Intermediates!  Are you trained in volleyball but want to improve your skills?   In our camps and clinics, we will refresh your knowledge of the basics and teach you specific strategies and techniques for passing, serving, setting and hitting to help you play safely and improve your game.  It’s also a great way to put players in touch with other athletes who share the same interest.

Advanced!  Do you want to keep up your skills this summer?  Practice and play with other advanced  players?  Meet new friends?  Improve your techniques in passing, serving, setting and hitting?  Get ready for school or club tryouts?  Our summer program is just what you need to keep up your skills during the off season? 

Why THIS  Volleyball  Camp?

Francis Cornejo’s Experience:    21 years of coaching club volleyball, 5 time national Junior Olympic appearances, MVSA Club Technical Director , a passion for teaching good proper techniques with all volleyball athletes ,  voted 1997 coach of the year by the Frederick News Post, presently  Head Varsity Volleyball Coach – Holton Arms School. 

Our Strategy:  Imagine this scenario — Your in a battlefield (volleyball court) ready to face the enemy (opponent), you need weapons (your spiking, serving,setting and  passing techniques) to fight.  Now ask yourself, do you have the basic techniques (weapons) to apply  and fight so you can win this  battle (game)? What you don’t want is bad habits evolving in your game on the volleyball court (battlefield) .  We can help you win

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My purpose in life as a volleyball coach is  to teach them excellent skills in defense, offense, and setting, and instill in them a thorough knowledge of the game, an appreciation for competition, and a passion for the sport.  More important, my athletes come to believe in their God-given abilities to be the best in anything they attempt in life.  I welcome the challenge of presenting all athletes, even those who may initially resist hard work and sacrifice, with a picture of the goals that they can achieve and helping them succeed.Coach Cornejo

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“Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt and dance like as if nobody’s watching.”

Problems downloading forms? Call or email me and I would be most happy to assist you.  Tel. 757.3LIBERO.

To all that attended my 2011 Spring volleyball camp program — Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your volleyball life.  I often see myself so fortunate to have such an opportunity to share with you the training involve that comes with this sport.  I do hope you have gained the confidence and skills required during your session with me.  Remember that being part of a teams requires hard work, discipline, respect for fellow players and coaches.  Your attitude plays a huge role in the game. Most coaches would say that the game is about 15 percent skill and 85 percent attitude.  I mostly agree to this idea and thought process.  Your attitude and  volleyball  skill contribution to your team will determine the success of your season so

Good luck and God speed.

This is how we do it during our summer camp fun experience. We put a little fun on everything we do yet we focus on learning something new and exciting everyday we practice and train for volleyball season.  Unlike other summer camp our focus is strickly training for volleyball. We try to improve on our technique in passing, serving, setting and hitting.

Volleyball to some kids is a way of expressing one’s own identity.  It is way to test our character, what kind of athletes we really are, how well do we apply ourselves in different kind of game-like situations. We ask ourselves, Are we competitive enough? Can we learn from our friends and competition? Are we willing to take criticism and move on to the next level of understanding and cooperation? Are we having fun in the choices we make? Am I  better as an individual to the eyes of my friends and family?

Summer volleyball camp 2009 Fun fun fun

Summer volleyball camp 2009 Fun fun fun


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